Buraka Som Sistema

Second album with Halloween

In spite of having been on tour for the better part of last year, Buraka Som Sistema haven't stopped working on the songs for their second album, “Komba”. They will release the album via their own label Enchufada, on the 31st of October. Word has it the album will explore the borders between life and death, always through that ferocious rhythm the Portuguese add to all of their productions. Komba is an Angolan week-long religious ritual celebrated when somebody dies. Friends and family honour the dead drinking their favourite drinks, eating their favourite foods and dancing to and singing their favourite songs, while sharing experiences and telling stories related to the one who passed away. Buraka talk about the irony implied in the fact that the best party is celebrated when you're dead, inviting us to live each day as if it were our last.

The recording started eleven months ago in the remote Monchique woods, in the south of Portugal, where the band gathered dozens of ideas and rhythms. They invited friends like Stereotyp, Mixhell, Afrikan Boy, Roses Gabor, Terry Lynn, Sara Tavares, Kaysha and Blaya to participate on “Komba”. "This shift takes ‘Komba’ one step further on the group’s quest to find their own sound, pushing them further away from diminishing labels like 'Progressive Kuduro'. It defines them as being true explorers of the urban Lusophone melting pot" says the band in the press release. For now, we can listen to a short extract of “(We Stay) Up All Night”, featuring Blaya and Roses Gabor.

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