Brian McBride

Ways to disconnect from the world

Brian McBrideIf you like ambient, calm and luminous drone music, crossed with neoclassical overtones (faint orchestral arrangements reinforcing textures that elevate into the air majestically), you’ll love soundwriter Brian McBride for his work in the duo Stars Of The Lid. The band’s musical coordinates help understand a solo career that will see a second album soon. “The Effective Disconnect” was a made-to-order project carried out last year, for the soundtrack to the documentary “Vanishing of the Bees”, which deals with the consequences of the increasing disappearance of bees from the ecosystem. The documentary’s director asked McBride to work around four basic themes: "the gloriousness of the bees, the endurance and hardships of traditional beekeepers, pesticides and the holistic nature of non-industrial agriculture." Within that framework, McBride created a piece of classic-contemporary tones and alternating moods—grief and calmness—that oftentimes borders on ambient music. The album will be released by Kranky on 25th October.

Brian McBride - “The Effective Disconnect”01. Melodrames Telegraphies (in B major 7th) Part 1 02. Melodrames Telegraphies (in B major 7th) Part 2 03. Girl Nap 04. Several Tries (in an Unelevated Style) 05. Supposed Essay on the Piano (B major piano Adagietto) 06. Toil Theme Part 1 07. Toil Theme Part 2 08. Toil Theme Part 3 09. Beekeepers vs Warfare Chemicals 10. I Know That You Don't Like the Future Like I Do 11. Chamber Minuet

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