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Brian Eno Brian Eno’s release for Warp won’t officially see the light of day until next week, although the full album can be listened to on NPR’s “First Listenings” now. Since the beginning of the summer, we’ve been telling you everything you need to know about “Small Craft On A Milk Sea”, but just to refresh your memory: although Eno signs his name to it, the album is actually the result of collaborative efforts with the ex-Roxy Music guitarist Leo Abrahams and composer and electronic musician Jon Hopkins. The album, then, is the product of Eno’s studio editing and features material taken from sporadic sessions the three have been involved in over the past few years.

Influenced by the Eno legend, Warp has spared no effort to release not one, but two special editions that are a bit pricy: you’ll have to pay around £70 and £350 respectively for a copy of the “Limited Edition Box Set” and the “Collectors' Edition Box Set” of “Small Craft On A Milk Sea”. If you want to find out whether such an investment is worth it (you can of course also purchase the regular edition), follow this thread until NPR and listen.

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