Brian Eno

Preparing a record for Warp?

Brian EnoJournalistic rigor advises us to pass on this piece of “news”, but the idea of seeing Brian Eno collaborating with Steve Beckett’s empire is exciting enough that we want to share this rumour with our readers. According to, Eno is supposedly working on a new album, on his own this time, to be released on Warp Records, a label aesthetically in debt with the former Roxy Music member’s seminal records like “Discreet Music” (EG, 1975) or “Ambient 1: Music For Airports” (EG, 1978), especially in the early days of “Artificial Intelligence”. The Canadian media outlet cites unspecified sources and assures us that the release of the album is set for the end of October or start of November this year. We must insist - this information is only a rumour, because nobody has officially confirmed it so far. We’ll get more details to you as they come in.

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