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Brave Irene Rose MelbergThe name Brave Irene might not ring any bells (with reason, as it’s a young project that hasn’t had a release yet), but if we tell you Rose Melberg is fronting the band, you will probably see where it’s going. Melberg was a founding member of bands like Tiger Trap, Go Sailor and The Softies, and is a capital figure in the lo-fi, DIY pop-punk scene from cities like Olympia and Portland. Now, after two acoustic solo records, Melberg, who now lives in Vancouver, returns in the company of Caitlin Gilroy, Jessica Wilkin, Amanda Pezzutto and Laura Hatfield (yes, it’s a new name to be added to the list of “girl bands”) under the name Brave Irene. According to the press note about the debut album, the keyboard plays an important role in the band’s sound, adding a bit of psychedelia –a la Paisley Underground- to Melberg’s folk-pop calligraphy, groove and jangly guitars. Slumberland will release the band’s first effort on 15th February.

Brave Irene - s/t01. No Fun 02. River to Sea 03. Tangled Line 04. Bank Holiday 05. Longest Day 06. Hit the Grass Running 07. Good Ideas 08. Campfire

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