Brandt Brauer Frick

“Mr Machine” on !K7

Brandt Brauer Frick, contemporary champions of ‘acoustic techno’, have the follow-up to their acclaimed, ‘You Make Me Real’ (!K7, 2010) ready for release. The album is called ‘Mr Machine’ and, curiously enough (contrary to what the title might suggest), it represents the final step forward , the point where the trio stops using any kind of machine. While on their previous effort the band used computers to construct, treat and produce the sound of classic instruments, this time everything was recorded 100% acoustically, with only a guitar amp to boost the Moog sound. In order to do so, the threesome became a ten-piece, calling on musicians from the jazz and neo-classical scenes in Berlin, most of which have already been playing with the band during their fascinating live shows. The new focus translated into a record which, unlike its predecessor, sounds less premeditated and rigid, and more human. Among the tracks we find four that were already on the previous album, only in versions so different that they might as well be considered as new compositions. The release is set for October. Check out the tracklist to the right.

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