This is what he feels like on a good day

BotanyYou might know Texan Spencer Stephenson as Abacus. Under this alias, he released his first songs, homemade indietronic postcards with a pop intention that soon caught the attention of the North American blogosphere. We don’t know the reasons that have led Stephenson to change his artistic name to Botany, under which he’ll release his official debut album in the Spring of 2011. But before that, on 9th November to be precise, Western Vinyl will put out “Feeling Today”, a 5-track EP featuring samples and traditional instruments (guitars, mainly) to deliver radiant psychedelia, ecstatic pop and beats with a bright hip-hop aftertaste in the style of Baths, Anenon or matthewdavid. Stephenson makes recycling of old music sound modern.

Botany - “Feeling Today”01. Feeling Today02. Minnow Theme 03. Waterparker 04. Benefactress 05. Agave

Botany . Feeling Today.mp3


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