BonjayLike the chaotic Thunderheist, Bonjay are a duo (boy producer and girl singer) from Toronto who manufacture a kind of electro-dancehall infested with different influences that, and here’s the difference, alludes to the banging sound while favouring a more sophisticated and breezy soulful sound. After “Gimmee Gimmee” (the first EP) and “Bangarang Business” (a tasty mixtape), Ian “Pho” Swain and Alanna Stuart announce their first album, or almost. They call “Broughtupsy” a “mini-album”, a not-too-concise term, as we don’t know the tracklist yet. What we do know is that it will be released on 5th October. According to the press release, “Broughtupsy never sacrifices the fun despite its intelligence. The album is full of experimentation (both musical and vocal), transfixing melodies, and beats that defy classification”. As an appetiser you can download “Stumble” form here.

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