Bomb Zombies

Low End Theory in a rhymed version

Bomb ZombiesHalfway through last year, Nobody (you’ll know him for his work for Ubiquity, Plug Research or Mush and also for being one of the resident selectors of the reputed club Low End Theory) and the rhymer Nocando (MC resident in Low End Theory, with a debut album released early this year via Alpha Pup) travelled together to Japan. There they decided to start a joint project called Bomb Zombies, whose debut album is about to be released. The album is entitled “Sincerely Yours” and features 9 fresh tracks we could define as “forward-thinking hip-hop”. The album is scheduled for release on 9th November via Hellfyre Club, a young record label (their first reference, put out in February this year, was “Girls Like Me”, Intuition’s debut album) founded by Nocando himself, and with a mission he describes as “a launching pad for the redefinition of Los Angeles HipHop.” Now you know what it’s all about…

Bomb Zombies - “Sincerely Yours”01. FWUH (Fuck What U Heard) 02. Payola 03. Sincerely Yours 04. Lock the Balcony ft. Kail 05. Over the Edge 06. Get 'Em 07. Rat in a Cage 08. Wednesday 09. Bangs (Bonus)

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