Boduf Songs

Above All Else in Spite of Everything

Boduf SongsTwo years after “How Shadows Chase The Balance” (Kranky, 2008) and after 2009’s prolific journey into media formats, the dark visions of Matthew Sweet, the soul of Boduf Songs, once again materialize in the form of an album. On 6th September, Kranky will release “This Alone Above All Else in Spite of Everything”, an album described as conceptual, at least by the press release, although they don’t give any clues as to the nature of the concept. According to Sweet himself, “there’s a common thread throughout every song, and the order of the songs within the album is fundamental; it’s a prime element in the working of the project.” The usual acoustic sound of the stripped and obscure doom folk of Boduf Songs are now accompanied by a base of “electric guitars, bass, and thunderous drums on more than one song.” You’ve been warned. Boduf Songs - “This Alone Above All Else in Spite of Everything”01. Bought Myself a Cat o'Nine 02. Decapitation Blues 03. Absolutely Null and Utterly Void 04. I Have Decided to Pass Through Matter 05. Green They Were, and Golden Eyed 06. We Get on Slowly 07. The Giant Umbilical Cord That Connects Your Brain to the Centre of the Universe 08. I Am Going Away and I Am Never Coming Back

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