Something small for January?

BlurBe it for one reason or another (and reasons, in his particular case, always abound because the man is a clear example of multitasking), Damon Albarn seems to be pretty much omnipresent in the media. The most recent “alarm” has to do with a statement to BBC 6 Music shedding light on Blur’s near future. According to Albarn, the band recently got together to assess to possibility of recording and releasing new material, and it seems like they’ve got something slated for January.

In his own words: "Well, we met up yesterday and had a really nice chat. I think we'll probably do something. Well, we did talk about doing something, maybe, in January." It seems like working on a full album isn’t in their plans though. To avoid suspicion, Albarn has clarified, not without sarcasm, that his plans are focused more on doing "something small, no career-based world-domination ideas." Judging by his words, we’re thinking of a new 7”, though we should bear in mind that, at the beginning of 2010, Albarn said he had numerous songs in store that would “always only be comfortable in the context of Blur ." Now is the time to be wondering.


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