Blue Daisy

New EP on the way

Blue Daisy “3rd Degree Hip Hop” What’s more effective when it comes to publicity, an extensive and anticipated promo campaign, or an announcement that’s surprising because of its urgency? Radiohead put it to the test with their latest album, and now, albeit on a much more underground level, Black Acre have done the same, letting us know that Blue Daisy’s upcoming EP will be released in three days. The label’s promotion department uploaded “3rd Degree Hip Hop” to their SoundCloud page yesterday, three cuts with incendiary, tense and bombastic, almost apocalyptic beats, among which we recognise “Kill A DJ”, a track that has been all over the web for a few months. As the label says, its sudden decision and choice for “no promotion” (what’s offering snippets if not promotion?) is made in the spirit of good old British anarchy. “3rd Degree Hip Hop”, a very limited edition vinyl release, will be in stores on 9th May. The digital release will be later. About the artwork... Is that mask on the sleeve a clue as to the identity of the so far mysterious ?nkown Sh?pes? Blue Daisy - 3rd Degree Hip Hop EP by Black Acre Records

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