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Their doubts about ?Penny Sparkle?

Blonde RedheadIf you read the review of “Penny Sparkle” published on PG a couple of weeks ago, you’ll read things like this: “Be careful with it, because it will trick you. We’re looking at a controversial work, one that will give rise to diametrically opposed opinions, and which can lose the band a good portion of its fans, while it conquers another new group of them.”Well, now it seems that the controversy has reached the very creative nucleus of the album, a treatise of narcotic pop, elegantly melancholic, in which Blonde Redhead embrace with more determination than ever a new sophistication with a synthetic sheen. Moving towards electronic pop was one of the multiple approaches the band considered during the recording of the album (of which new versions could appear in the near future). This is what Kazu Makino said to Spinner: “We ended up having many different versions. We're going to have a couple more albums of the same songs, I think... A lot of the versions that we didn't choose are the one's that sound 'more like us... They're good but we ended up choosing ones that were out of our comfort zone. The whole thing was pretty uncomfortable— in a good way. We have something here, even if we fail miserably.”

So far there isn’t a definite release date for any alternative versions of “ Penny Sparkle”, but there’s no doubt that putting them out is among the band’s future plans.

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