Bleep: Filtered

In search of new values, the online store created by Warp Records, has just started its own talent hunt. In collaboration with SoundCloud, Transition Mastering and Warp, Bleep has launched an open competition for any unsigned electronic producer. The “unsigned” status being the only condition to participate in “Filtered”. Those interested in participating should send their creations to this SoundCloud group until 9th September. Once the deadline is reached, the Bleep people and the Warp A&R team will listen to and judge the material, a process that can be followed partially via Bleep's Facebook page. The best tracks according to the jury (between 10 and 12 tracks, which will be announced at the end of October), will be part of a compilation album that can only be purchased via Bleep. The artists will receive 50% of the revenues. If you want to participate, go here.

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