Tied to N.E.E.T.?s apron strings

BlaqstarrDespite his growing reputation, it’s surprising to see how meagre Blaqstarr’s official discography is—we’re referring to his own albums and not his remixes, mix-tapes or production work for others. An essential piece of M.I.A.’s latest references (he featured on “Kala”(XL, 2007) and “///Y/” (N.E.E.T./XL, 2010) and has also appeared with Rye Rye (his bases can be heard on “Go! Pop! Bang!”, scheduled for release in January 2011), the Baltimore-born musician will soon drop news regarding his own production. M.I.A., through her label N.E.E.T. Recordings, will put out Blaqstarr’s forthcoming EP in the last week of January. So far there’re not many details about the album, except for it’s title, “The Divine”, and the tracklist, described as an “example of intrepid, implacably experimental rapprochement”of Blaqstarr to electronic hip-hop. It will include “Oh My Darling”, an electro pop love confession with urban overtones we wrote about in May this year in our Media section.


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