Blanck Mass

Fuck Button goes out on his own

Blanck Mass Photo by Lucy Johnston. Benjamin John Power, half of astral trance duo Fuck Buttons, is starting a solo project. His new adventure is called Blanck Mass and he kicks off immediately with a self-titled album that will be released this summer on Rock Action. It’s a record full of brilliant and noisy ambient, which, as the people from Mogwai’s label tell us, Power recorded over the course of last year in his apartment in London. The man himself explains his feelings about the album as follows: “I do like the fact that this album represents a pretty clear image of myself, that which I am aware of and that which might be controlled by some other type of subconscious guidance.” The following comment might be more revealing: “Soundtracking nature documentaries would work out pretty well for me.” To be honest, it’s pretty hard to decipher such cryptic words. We’ll have to wait until 21st June to find out what he means.

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