Extra gig in Manchester

Björk Manchester International Festival

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket for one of the six concerts Björk will do between 30th June and 16th July at the Manchester International Festival, here’s another chance. While the gigs have been sold out for weeks, the Icelandic singer has just announced an extra “preliminary” show on 27th June at the Campfield Market Hall in Manchester. The concert will serve as dress rehearsal, three days before the “Biophilia” series kicks off officially. The tickets for the “preview show” are on sale now here at £29.50. We celebrate the fact that the artist has opened the doors for her fans to see the most anticipated rehearsal of the season. If someone has the opportunity to go, we want to know all about it. Now hurry and go get your ticket, they’ll be sold out in a jiffy.

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