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Some rarities by Editions Mego

Bill OrcuttFor many of those who listened to it when it was first released, amongst them the editorial team of the prestigious music magazine The Wire, “A New Way To Pay Old Debts”sits comfortably within the most brilliant albums of 2009. The problem is that the album—the first one by Bill Orcutt after a decade away from the music world—is damn hard to find. The album was released in August last year through Palilalia, only on vinyl and with a limited edition of 500 copies that sold very quickly. This inspired Viennese Peter Rehberg (a.k.a. Pita), an unexpected fan of the album, to re-edit the album on CD. It now includes five extra tracks, two from the 7” Orcutt released on Palilalia just before the album, and three previously unreleased ones.

The album by the ex-Harry Pussy member would ordinarily have little crossover with Mego / Editions Mego’s territory. “A New Way To Pay Old Debts” is an acoustic album recorded with just one Kay guitar with four strings instead of six. This album is clearly influenced by the new American primitivism (John Fahey and disciples), by the most arid Mississippi blues and even by flamenco, filtering those influences through a deconstructivist prism related both to Derek Bailey’s school of improvisation and post-hardcore, and to American roots music.

The album will hit stores on 15th January. If you don’t want to wait until then to secure a copy, pre-order here.

Bill Orcutt - “A New Way To Pay Old Debts”01. Lip Rich02. Sad News From Korea (L. Hopkins)03. Pocket Underground04. Too Late To Fly05. My Reckless Parts06. Street Peaches07. A New Way To Pay Old Debts08. Cold Ground09. High Waisted10. Big Ass Nails11. All the Creatures of the Ocean are Alive12. More Salt13. Chicken Wing14. Poor Black Math (1:25)

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