Big Deal

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Though at first it may seem their music doesn't fit in the Mute roster, the truth is that Big Deal are one of the label's big hopes for the second half of this year. On the 5th of September, Mute will release “Lights Out”, the British boy-girl duo's debut album. In order to introduce us to the world of teen angst and adult compromise of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, the label is offering up the album stream after the jump. The twelve tracks are excellent proof of their ability to build delicate and personal songs from apparently scarce elements: their vocals and the dynamics between the acoustic and distorted electric guitars. Co-produced by Underwood and Dean Reid, the tracks talk about innocence, insecurity, love and desire in relationships. You know, our daily bread. If you want to be enchanted by the magnificent twosome, press play.

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