Big Boi

“Youngsters” label for his daughter

Big Boi Photo by Rachel Been Like father, like daughter. Rapper, producer and musical entrepreneur Big Boi cares about his daughter’s education. The former Outkast wants to be a good example, share with his little girl some valuable experiences, give her something she can feel proud of and responsible for. So, for her sixteenth birthday, Antwan Patton decided to give his daughter a record label. In the words of Big Boi: "My daughter just turned 16 years old, and you can see it on MTV ['My Super Sweet Sixteen'], where they get cars, and things that depreciate and just don't mean nothing. "I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label."

Jordan Patton has teamed up with her dad to create Purple Kids, a new record label focussing on the development of young artists, though they aim at an “all ages” audience. Her first signing is Gabbie Rae, a twelve-year old singer who already showed her vocal talents on The Tyra Banks Show.

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