Lomography Bokeh Project

Bibio  Lomography Bokeh Project  Check out Bibio’s comments here, for a new edge to his latest project. “ ‘Bokeh’ is the out of focus region of a photograph. It's not a quantifiable thing, but photographers and lens manufacturers are obsessed with it. In Japanese it means ‘haze’, ‘blur’, or even ‘dementia’. I called the album ‘Mind Bokeh’ because I'm interested in the effect of defocussing your mind, whether through meditation, chemicals or whatever – it's a state of mind quite alien to Westerners. That’s how the man explained the title of his new album, a few months ago. Now, on the eve of its release (which was yesterday in the US but the rest of the world has to wait until next Monday), Wilkinson explores the visual character of his music further by launching his Lomography Bokeh Project.

Bibio has collaborated with Lomography (magazine, chain store and social community dedicated to analogue photography) to start a photo project where you can win cameras, exclusive T-shirts and vinyl records. The Lomography Bokeh Project starts with a series of snapshots taken by Bibio himself, using a Diana F+ camera and a series of accessories about which he talks here. Along with the photographs, the musician has produced a short guide in which he explains how to get the so-called “bokeh effect” in your photos. Then you should have all you need to take part in the project.

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