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K is for Kelson” left us so disoriented ten days ago, that we were very eager to hear Bibio’s new album. With its Caribbean rhythms, its berimbau and summery light, the second advance track of Mind Bokeh left us confused about what to expect of an album described by Warp as “neon-lit pop”. That label serves to vaguely describe a series of genre-bending exercises where pastoral IDM is crossed with electro, synth-pop, lounge electronica, chillwave, boogie-funk and abstract beats. Before going on to the stream, read what Bibio has to say about “Mind Bokeh”: “ Bokeh is the out of focus region of a photograph. It's not a quantifiable thing, but photographers and lens manufacturers are obsessed with it. In Japanese it means ‘haze’, ‘blur’, or even ‘dementia’. I called the album Mind Bokeh because I'm interested in the effect of defocussing your mind, whether through meditation, chemicals or whatever – it's a state of mind quite alien to Westerners. Now, listen.

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