Beth Ditto

Life besides Gossip

Beth DittoIf you look on the web, you’ll find that “Music For Men” (Columbia, 2009), Gossip’s first major label album, hasn’t really convinced anyone. Maybe that small slip-up –and the disappointment that followed– have fed Beth Ditto’s desire for emancipation, as she’s now getting ready to launch a parallel solo career. Last year, Gossip’s great –in voice, stage and physical presence– singer collaborated with Simian Mobile Disco, putting her voice to “Cruel Intentions”, one of the songs on “Temporary Pleasure” (Wichita, 2009). It looks like they clicked, because Ditto asked James Ellis Ford and James Anthony Shaw to produce the four tracks of her debut EP. According to NME, the record will be out around 12th January digitally. The exact release date is still TBC.

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