Best Coast & Wavves

Split for an eternal summer

Best CoastAh, love. The relationship between Nathan Williams and Bethany Cosentino seems to be going extremely well. Not only do they spend quality time together privately, they also like seeing each other during office hours. Last November we told you about the US / Canada tour Best Coast and Wavves are embarking on this and next month. And like so many other bands sharing vans and hotel rooms, they have decided to release a split single via Mexican Summer. It’s not a shared composition like “Got Something For You”, their Christmas song for Target. Here each band occupies a side of the 7”, both delivering an unreleased track – which surely will appeal to any lover of uncomplicated lo-fi punk-pop with summery melodies and teen happiness. The bad news is that physical copies of the single, titled “Summer is Forever”, will only be available –at least for now– at the merchandising table at one of the twenty dates of the tour.

Best Coast & Wavves - “Summer Is Forever” (7”)A. Best Coast – When You Wake Up B. Wavves – Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Yr Heart)

Best Coast & Wavves - “Summer Is Forever” (iTunes Sampler) 1. Best Coast – When You Wake Up 2. B. Wavves – Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Yr Heart)3. Best Coast – Crazy For You 4. Wavves – King of the Beach 5. No Joy – Hawaii

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