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BelongConsidering the fact that his first and only album to date –the very recommendable “October Language”, released via Carpark– was recorded six years ago and released in 2006, the announcement of a new Belong album on Kranky is one of those things that taste doubly good. According to the press note, Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones are moving away from the textured and stormy ambient drone, described by someone as “listening to the 4AD sound in the middle of a hurricane.” The songs promise to be more streamlined, “poppier”, combining guitars, programmed rhythms, synthetic patterns and field recordings, somewhere between the most ambient side of Fennesz, the abrassive and colourful shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” era and the blurry techno of Gas. In stores from 21st March, via Kranky.

Belong - “Common Era”01. Come See 02. Never Came Close 03. A Walk 04. Perfect Life 05. Keep Still 06. Different Heart 07. Make Me Return 08. Common Era 09. Very Careful


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