Bell Gardens

Reflecting yesterday?s pop

Bell Gardens Brian McBride (one half of Stars of the Lid) and Kenneth James Gibson (founder of [a]pendics.shuffle and member of The Furry Things) have just premiered a new project inspired by the arrangement and serenity pop of four decades ago. As Bell Gardens they have decided to let loose their taste for nostalgic pop of past eras, realised here as a dream pop, warm, vapourous, a reflection of Phil Spector or the Beach Boys of the mid-sixties. The label Failed Better has released this first EP, “Hangups Need Company,” six tracks with a twang of luxurious atmospherics you can get hold of at the duo’s Bandcamp space. Bell Gardens - “Hangups Need Company”

01. Through The Rain 02. No Story 03. End of the World 04. Can We Get 05. Labour At The Landmark 06. Breeze (Letters By The Bed)

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