Sifting his Record Club

BeckBeck Hansen requires you to apply your selection criteria. But, hey, it’s not about treating anyone badly, but rather about “selecting by excluding” the best of his Record Club, the project that has seen Beck record, in a semi-improvised way and in the company of friends, his interpretations of some of his favourite albums, always in a day and without any prior rehearsals with the musician friends on board. Beck has now decided it’s time to release the best of those recordings, which is where you come in. The Californian has asked fans to collaborate in sifting through all the existing productions to choose the best 10 versions, that will be subsequently released as a collection on CD. Beck has even created a website where you can go to vote. To refresh your memory, the Record Club has covered everyone from the Velvet Underground & Nico, Leonard Cohen and Skip Spence, to INXS and Yanni. Want to contribute? Follow this thread.


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