Beastie Boys

There?ll be a second part, even in the absence of a first

Beastie BoysIt’s been a while since we last heard about the Beastie Boys. Since the summer of 2009, when we learned about his malign diagnosis, all their efforts have been focussed on the recovery of Adam Yauch (a.k.a. MCA). Now that Yauch is feeling better, it’s time to go back to work. Last week, Tamra Davis (Mike D’s wife) said her husband was back in the studio finishing the album mixing. Was Mrs. Davis referring to “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1”, originally announced for release in September 2009? It seems that she wasn’t. It’s not quite clear whether the Beastie Boys want to make a fresh start, but the trio seem to be focussing on their newest stuff. In a short press release yesterday, the Beastie Boys talked about two related issues: 1) that the release of “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1” has been postponed indefinitely; and 2) “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2” will be put out according to plan, that is, next Spring. So the good news is: Healthy Beastie Boys are back in the game.

Beastie Boys feat. Nas - Too Many Rappers

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