New alliances

BeansAfter almost two years, a period during which we all thought he was exclusively focused on the reunification of Anti-Pop Consortium (on the laborious gestation of “ Fluorescent Black” (Big Dada, 2009), to be more precise), Robert Edward Stewart II, a.k.a. Beans, has just released a third solo album apart from Warp (he published his first two albums through the label). Embracing the DIY philosophy, Beans created his own brand (Adored and Exploited) to put out “Thorn”, a new example of oblique, unorthodox hip hop featuring Dabrye, Wilder Zoby and Holy Fuck. Now, to close off the “Fluorescent Black” cycle, Beans has announced a new solo release for early next year, this time around through Anticon. The collective will put out the fourth reference by the NYC rhymer on 15th February. The 13-track album is entitled “End It All”, and will features several collaborations. Tunde Adebimpe from TV On The Radio sings in “Mellow You Out”, the album’s last track, along with Sam Fogarino from Interpol, Four Tet, Clark, Tobacco, In Flagranti, Nobody, Son Lux and Bumps (that project focusing on rhythmic exploration shared by Tortoise members Dan Bitney, John Herndon and John McEntire). More details soon.


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