Having started with the bedroom projects [ Post-foetus] (pop and folk with an indietronic sensibility) and Geotic (timid and placid ambient postcards you can download for nothing here), young Will Wiesenfeld is counting the days until the release of his long player debut as Baths. Wiesenfeld has been using this alter ego for less than a year. It’s a project with many of the characteristics of electronic pop, nostalgia blurred by chill-wave, the most affable and polite IDM, and a scattering of the new beat scene from L.A. that tends to create hybrid forms with a luminous concentration. Baths has been taken under Daedelus’ wing, and has found a place amongst the Anticon catalogue. The label will release “Cerulean” on 6th July.

Baths - “Ceruleam”

01. Apologetic Shoulder Blades 02. Lovely Bloodflow 03. Maximalist 04. â™Ä½ 05. Animals 06. Rafting Starlit Everglades 07. Hall 08. You're My Excuse to Travel 09. Rain Smell 10. Indoorsy 11. Plea 12. Departure

Baths . Hall.mp3


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