A glance at the spectrum of dubstep

BassweightThe story goes like this: in the very near future, as soon as dubstep becomes a mainstream trend (something that is already happening in certain places, especially in the UK), listeners and media-mongers eager for new music and avant-garde electronic sounds will avert their attention away as they grumble about the dire transformation undergone by a genre they’ve contributed to making big. What will happen then? This is one of the questions the documentary film “Bassweight” seeks to answer. Produced by Ryo Sanada and directed by Suridh Hassan, they’ve just announced it’s release this October after two years in the making.

“Bassweight” focuses on dubstep’s sound and context, trying to trace it’s history and reveal the keys to it’s evolution, as well as unpick it’s current mainstream success. For director Suridh Hassan, "It's so much more satisfying for the viewer to be involved as they feel something is emerging. To understand the mentality and context of the people and scene, at the time, rather than finding it out in some retrospective, will always win hands down for me.". But “Bassweight” is not only about dubstep’s past and present. According to The Guardian, the emphasis is on elucidating the future of dubstep, on imagining new evolutionary avenues for a genre that is seeing the shadows of standardization and commercialization looming large, something which usually results in the assimilation of any underground cultural expression by an industry which tailors it’s products for mainstream consumption. Kode 9, Skream, Benga and Mary Anne Hobbs lend some credibility to the documentary to be released on DVD on 24th October. You can pre-order here.


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