New episode in the Direct Current series

A few months ago we were delighted to hear “Plastic World” (Rush Hour, 2011). We won't have to wait long for new pleasures, as Briton Ben Thomas - aka BNJMN - already has the follow-up ready for release. At the end of September, there will be a new EP by BNJMN on Stolen Kisses, the young Chicago label associated with the respected Little White Earbuds blog. Furthermore, in the coming weeks - although there's no final release date set - there will be a mini album called “Black Square”, as Thomas' second contribution to Rush Hour's Direct Current series. The young Brit shows his brightest side on nine compositions full of exuberant synths and cinematic melodies. The record is driven by a variety of rhythms and tempos, although contemplation is king and the moods are less complex and cryptic than on his previous delivery. While we're waiting for a release date to be confirmed, here's the track-list to the right of this article, plus an extract of every album track, here.

Blocks by BNJMN

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