Tri Angle presents “WARN-U”

Ayshay – WARN-U After the releases by Holy Other and Clams Casino, Tri Angle returns with Ayshay. Behind the name is producer and vocalist Fatima Al Qadiri, born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait and now living in New York. Her debut contains three experimental tracks combining Kraut, proto-techno and hypnagogic ambient pop with a fascination for the music of Islam. The cocktail, a strange concept at first, takes you on a trip along rarely visited emotional territories. Because, like some types of religious music, when listening to the creations of Al Qadiri, you feel overwhelmed, restless and peaceful and comforted at the same time. A good example is the title track, quite esoteric and built from layers and layers of her own voice. The release is completed with an epic, twelve-minute remix by Californian duo Nguzunguzu. “WARN-U” will be out on 26th September on LP, CD and digital.

Ayshay - WARN-U by TriAngleRecords Ayshay - WARN-U (Nguzunguzu Remix) by TriAngleRecords

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