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Avey TareAlmost simultaneous with Panda Bear’s “Tomboy”, Dave Portner (aka Avey Tare), the fourth floating member of Animal Collective , will release his new solo album in October. According to the press release, this first solo effort (2007’s Pullhair Rubeye was made alongside his wife, former múm member Kria Brekkan) by Avey Tare “takes you through a murky sonic world, a strange and dead world of soul grooves which at the same time is honest and ultra-mundane. Wait for sundown and turn up the volume. Take a ride in his enchanted boat and let yourself be led through the deep, half-melted rhythms, water-drenched bass lines and breaks lit up by the moon which reveal a crunchy and crystal pop rumour.” Esotericism and big words aside, the album is ready to be released on 26th October via Paw Tracks with the title “Down There”. In case the clue serves your imagination, we can tell you that the record is inspired in no particular way by the world of crocodiles; hence its strange and intriguing sleeve. Avey Tare - “Down There”01. Laughing Hieroglyphic 02. 3 Umbrellas 03. Oliver Twist 04. Glass Bottom Boat 05. Ghost of Books 06. Cemeteries 07. Heads Hammock 08. Heather in the Hospital 09. Lucky 1

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