Move Of Ten

The marvellous “Oversteps” (Warp, 2010), the most emotive, direct and accessible release by Autechre for a long time, will be continued in a half duration format. Warp have confirmed the release, on July the 12, of an EP with a generous track listing (ten new songs), although at this moment we don’t have anymore details than the title: “ Move Of Ten.” The record will be available on digipak CD, digital download and vinyl. The latter will be comprised of two 12” that you can buy on a bundle (slightly cheaper) or individually. To tempt you to this gorge “Oversteps” appendix, you can listen to “y7” here. You can pre-order through the Bleep store.

Autechre – "Move Of Ten"

01. Etchogon-S02. y703. pce freeze 2.8i04. rew(1)05. nth Dafuseder.b06. iris was a pupil07. no border08. M6209. ylm010. Cep puiqMX


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