Austin Peralta

His debut on Brainfeeder, “Endless Planets”

The Brainfeeder family is growing. Again, Flying Lotus has found new talent on the Angelino beat scene. This time though, the rookie doesn’t come from the circle of beatmakers that has its epicentre at the Low End Theory club, but from the scene around jazz, its traditions and future. Apart from being the flesh and blood of skater Stacy Peralta, Austin Peralta is a jazz pianist with years of study behind him, and much experience despite his young age (the boy is hardly twenty years old), gained alongside jazz greats such as Chick Corea and Ron Carter. In parallel to his training, Peralta has worked with people from the soul and afro jazz world, such as Erykah Badu, Shafiq Husayn (member of Sa-Ra Creative Partners) and the Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra. His debut album for Brainfeeder should be seen in this context, recorded with the help of Zane Musa (alt sax), Ben Wendel (tenor and soprano sax), Hamilton Price (bass), Zach Harmon (drums) and Dr Strangeloop (electronic manipulations). The Cinematic Orchestra and singer Heidi Vogel have collaborated as well. “Endless Planets” will be out on 15th March.

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