Atlas Sound

Bedroom Databank Vol. 3 & 4

Atlas SoundBradford Cox’s activity is ever more intense. In the past few hours, his “Bedroom Databank” has grown to four volumes of home-made recordings, pulled off in just four days. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped a fifth today. Wait and see. For now, let’s focus on the third and fourth volumes. What amazes us is that seven of the eight songs featured on “ Bedroom Databank Vol. 4” were recorded just two days ago. According to the info Bradford has put out, he recorded seven tracks on Wednesday, just a few hours before he uploaded them to the Internet. If you want to continue collecting the Atlas Sound demos, click here and here.

Atlas Sound - “Bedroom Databank Vol. 3”01. Mona Lisa (Version 1)02. Yards of Silk03. I Can't Take It04. Border Agents05. Indian Bitrate06. Moonroof07. Crossriver08. Comet 809. Drums & Pissing10. Western Shirt11. Notown Phase12. Dream Color13. Mona Lisa (Alt. Version)14. Epilogue

Atlas Sound - “Bedroom Databank Vol. 4”01. Farmland Fantasy02. Terrarium03. Spectre (Royal Trux)04. Talent Show Audition Tape, Winnipeg 197505. Wire Brush Stomp06. Ex-Prodigy (For Norbert Wiener)07. Moonlight On Verlaine08. How To Pass The Time

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