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Asura AnenonYoung label Non Projects, a new initiative dedicated to discovering and representing new and emerging talent on the beat scene in L.A., have given us details of their second release. After the recommended homonymous debut by Ryan York (aka Asura), and close to the release of the long player by Brian Allen Simon as Anenon, both artists will be sharing space on the recording, which will be available from 13th July. “Silver Trees / Damiel” will include eight tracks (five by Asura, three by Anenon) which cover beatmaking (think of Baths or Nosaj Thing), IDM electronica and pop textures with a chillwave aftertaste. Asura/Anenon - “Silver Trees/Damiel”

Silver Trees:01. Silver Trees02. Outer Bnk03. Crimson and Bone04. The Ocean05. Sleepers

Damiel:01. Chimera02. Damiel03. Retold / Endless

Asura – Silver Trees

Anenon – Retold

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