Arto Mwambe

Live at Robert Johnson

Arto Mwambe“Live at Robert Johnson”, the prestigious live mixes series hosted by the team at the Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, reaches its sixth volume announcing a change in regard to previous offerings. After Chloé, Prins Thomas, Ivan Smagghe, Thomas Hammann & Gerd Janson, and Roman Flügel , it will be Arto Mwambe (project formed out of the shared love by Phillip Lauer and Christian Beisswenger for soulful house) who will produce the sixth chapter of the series where machines will replace the decks. Arto Mwambe have used computer software to record in the studio an hour long live set (most of the 11 tracks are unreleased) which showcase a fake show at the Robert Johnson. Alongside the CD, two of its tracks, “ Duster FC” and “ One Lonely Knight”, will be available on 12” from 12th August.

01. Intro (M.T.A.I.) 02. Duster FC 03. MIDI Vice 04. Interlude 1 (Home Strainer) 05. Greatest Love 06. N "No R" G 07. Interlude 2 (Winter Hut) 08. Ohm Balance 09. One Lonely Knight 10. Love Lift 11. Btwo

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