Into The Cosmos

ArchiteqLondon label Tirk has just announced a new instalment of their compilation series ( “Tirk 3”, out on 6th December, featuring neo disco, Balearic house and psychedelic sounds by The Time And Space Machine, The Love Supreme, Space, Molly Wagger and Son of Sound amongst others), but before that we have “Into The Cosmos” to look forward to, the new EP by London-based Scot Sam Annand, a.k.a. Architeq, a new producer of instrumental hip hop and twisted, bulbous electronic funk interspersed with dub, jazz, cosmic fugues and beats reminiscent of early jungle, all covered with a sort of organic sound which is close to discordant groove-friendly post-rock. The album will hit digital stores on Monday next week (for the physical edition will have to wait until 23rd November) and includes two new cuts and two remixes by Dan Lissvik (Studio) and Mr Beatnik.

Below the album info you’ll find an animated fantasy the Chopsy Animation team has created as a visual complement to “Into The Cosmos”. A vinyl wet dream.

Architeq - “Into The Cosmos”01. Into The Cosmos 02. Odyssey [Dan Lissvik Long Version] 03. Into The Cosmos [Mr Beatnick Dub] 04. Halloween Acid 05. The Hare

Drawn by Alice Dufay.


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