Arcade Fire

Back with ?The Suburbs?

Arcade FireLast Thursday, early morning, an Arcade Fire fan also responsible for Joel's Arcade Fire Blog, noticed of changes at the Canadian band’s website: it had changed its appearance, something was going on, there was a dozen of future live gigs listed, an even more intriguing, for a while there was a banner reading: “ Arcade Fire presents 'The Suburbs'”. That last part - “The Suburbs” - was soon afterwards removed kick started the rumour mill. Was it the new album’s title? Was it a clue about the film the group are working on in collaboration with Spike Jonze? All was revealed late on Friday: the image of a handwritten postcard announcement on the homepage that next single, “The Suburbs”, is already pressed and waiting its distribution to stores. According to Amazon, “The Suburbs/Month of May” will be available from 1st June, which is currently being disputed by the band's camp. Regardless, there will be new Arcade Fire songs in - as per the above - “ a couple of weeks”. Keep your eyes peeled.

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