Apple presents Ping

An iTunes Social Network for Music

Apple Ping iTunesSocial networks have been focusing on music as of late—and on ways to share it and commercialize it—as a means of attracting users and winning their loyalty, so it was only a question of time before Apple introduced the “social” factor in its products. During Apple’s special event celebrated on 1st September in San Francisco, the company’s CEO Steve Jobs officially presented Ping, a new “social” functionality available on the new iTunes version (iTunes 10) which aims at turning its 160 million iTunes users into the world’s largest online music community.

Jobs has described Apple’s new product as “a new music-oriented social network.” Ping allows users to create playlists, to follow friends and to find out what they are listening to, downloading or sharing, provided users are willing to share that information (during the event, Jobs put emphasis on Ping’s totally customizable privacy settings). Music can be instantly bought on iTunes. The new iTunes functionality also works on iPhone and iPod Touch.

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