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New album in March?

Aphex TwinThe time has come for Aphex Twin to play. To entertain himself with our psyche, we mean. Although Richard D. James has yet to speak in all this, as the only evidence available so far is a mysterious video (the one you can watch and download below) dropped yesterday by the communication agency Hyponik. This video, entitled “Afx Seaside Special”, is made up of images Aphex Twin has been using as visuals in his most recent live performances. At the end of the video, the appearance of a date (12th March 2011) allows us to believe the video is the official announcement of a future Aphex Twin release, perhaps the first of those six albums he claimed to have almost finished not so long ago. On a closer look, however, there are pieces that don’t quite fit the puzzle.

Some among the most alert fans have been quick to point out that the music featured in the video—brisk and metallic drum’n’bass, halfway between drill’n’bass and Venetian Snares-style breakcore of giddy rhythms—is not by Richard D. James but by one of his pupils. Just visit and you’ll see the audio accompanying those images is in fact “Vase”, the first cut on the debut EP (released in 2005) by John Cunnane, a.k.a. dgoHn, a London producer with a couple of references on Rephlex (the most recent one is an album called “Some Shit Saaink”, made jointly with Macc and put out in August just gone). Another thing that caught our attention is the Aphex logo, which for a few seconds appears together with the Block Weekend logo, a festival which, curiously enough, will be celebrated on March 11th-13th at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead. Is the purpose of the video to announce the presence of Aphex Twin at the British festival? Will that “special” event coincide with the release of his new album? We’ll have the answers soon.

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