Antony and The Johnsons

There will be an EP before Swanlights

Antony and The JohnsonsIt’s widely known that “Swanlights” will be out on 11th October. What we didn’t know before now, however, is that before the album’s release there will be a new EP by Antony & The Johnsons on which, apart from giving us an unreleased track ( “You Are The Treasure”, only available on this release) and recovering “My Lord My Love” (a song that already circulated last year as a digital bonus for those who pre-ordered physical copies of The Crying Light via the artist’s website) goldfinch Hegarty takes an intimate and acoustic shot at Bob Dylan ( “Pressing On”) and John Lennon (the immortal “Imagine”). Those will be two of the main attractions of Thank You For Your Love , a five-track EP which you can already stream in its entirety (although you have to press play every 30 seconds, which is quite annoying) on Peoples Music Store. No official release date is known of as yet, but it’s expected that the EP will be out by the end of August.

UPDATE: The song that gives title to this EP, and is also the first single of "Swanlights", can be downloaded here in exchange for your email address. Antony & The Johnsons - “Thank You for Your Love”01. Thank You For Your Love 02. You Are The Treasure 03. My Lord My Love 04. Pressing On (Bob Dylan) 05. Imagine (John Lennon)

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