Antony & The Johnsons

Doubts about touring again

Antony & The JohnsonsBad news for all those who were hoping to see Anthony Hegarty perform live the songs on his recent “Swanlights” (Secretly Canadian, 2010). So far there’s only one date on Antony & The Johnsons’ concert agenda, and that will take place in New York’s Alice Tully Hall at Broadway’s Starr Theatre. On that night, Antony and his band will play accompanied by the Orchestra of St. Luke. The film “O-shi no shozo” by Chiaki Nagano, starring Kazuo Ohno, will be screened during the show. It’s unconfirmed as yet whether there’ll be more shows after this one.

In a statement to The Independent, Hegarty revealed his worries regarding the ecological consequences of his many trips, a fact that might encourage him not to embark on any more world tours. "This last year I haven't travelled at all […] I've been in a quandary — I have a problem with the amount of travelling there is, so it's a huge issue. And does that mean I'm never going to tour again? I don't really know." But it seems like there’s more to this decision than his ecological awareness: the physical and emotional weariness resulting from spending weeks travelling from airport to airport and staying in different hotels. Hegarty thinks that touring "wrings out the marrow from your bones […] When you've poured everything out and there's nothing left, you feel like a piece of coal." Antony acknowledges that after his latest long tour "it took [him] a year to recover."

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