Presents "Kentje'sz Beatsz'"

His name is Kentje Onbekend a.k.a. Kenrick Connor, he’s from Delft, The Netherlands, and he’s one of the latest discoveries of Mike Paradinas. At 18, Connor makes his debut as Anti-G with “Presents 'Kentje'sz Beatsz'”, a collection of tracks made between 2009 and 2010 with Fruity Loops that captures the polyhedral vision of this promising back shaker. His music fits in the Dutch bubbling house scene –yes, habemus new label: a sonic cocktail of ultra-accelerated dancehall, histrionic synths, industrial moods and funky house rhythms. On his first album we find mutant reggaeton club bangers, sickly rave anthems and bleepy hip-hop. All that, with the rhythm playing the starring role and lots of sweat. Bubbling indeed. The album will be out on 6th June via Planet Mu.

Kentje'sz Beatsz - Holá Eléctrico.(2011 Bubbling Follow @Kentjjee) by Kentjje

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