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Anna Calvi  In the face of the great pack of prefab artists that rule mainstream pop, R&B and contemporary rap, the craftsmanship of British artist Anna Calvi is at least surprising and different. She could resort to doing many things, not least modelling, but what she wants is to make shameless, intense songs with exactly the right amount of romantic darkness. Her way of playing the guitar (fiercely of delicately, depending on her mood, firmly rooted in the blues, Jimi Hendrix and venomous and raw rock) and her tremendous voice are like a mix of “Grace”-era Jeff Buckley, the girl from Sharkboy and a slightly more dramatic PJ Harvey, possessed by the tragic phantoms of Nina Simone and Maria Callas.

After almost three years of work, mostly in isolation, next Monday Domino will release her first album, a self-titled effort recorded between London and the French countryside, with the help of producer Rob Ellis. Courtesy of PIAS Spain, we can offer you the exclusive pre-listening of the album. Check the player below and be amazed by the overwhelming personality of Anna Calvi.

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