AmiinaIn mid-August, Amiina showed renewed signs of life, drawing our attention to their newly pimped website (as of now, you can get their records there) and, while they were at it, giving us a taste of their new album by releasing a free download of “Over and Again”, one of their new songs. Three weeks on, and we have details of the album. For the second long player by this a-typical outfit (mandolins, bells, crystal cups, metalophones and saws are among their usual instruments) they seem to have grown: judging from the new promotional photos, Amiina are no longer a girl group, with two new men appearing in the band shots. The record will be called “Puzzle” and will be released on the 27th September, preceded by a first single, “What Are We Waiting For?” (Fans who want to have everything, take note: the three tracks on the single are not on the album), which you can get via the website from today. Amiina - “Puzzle”1. Ásinn 2. Over and Again 3. What are we waiting for? 4. Púsl 5. In the Sun 6. Mambó 7. Sicsak 8. Thoka

Amiina . Over and Again.mp3


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