I Am Kloot

Sky at Night

I Am KlootEight months after filling up two recordings worth of rarities, single’s B sides and unreleased tracks rescued from the archives, on the double LP B (Skinny Dog, 2009), Mancunians I Am Kloot return to the editorial forefront with Craig Potter and Guy Garvey on board. The latter, totem figures of Elbow, were given the responsibility of polishing the sound of Sky at Night, the fifth album of the band led by Johnny Bramwell, one of the most celebrated wordsmiths of contemporary English pop. The result of a whole year of slow but meticulous work, “Sky at Night” promises to be elegant, mature and sophisticated orchestral pop which shines alongside the band existing high points. The record, released in Europe via PIAS, will be in all good record stores from 5th July. I Am Kloot – “Sky at Night”01. Northern Skies02. To The Brink03. Fingerprints04. Lately05. I Still Do06. The Moon Is A Blind Eye07. Proof08. It's Just The Night09. Radiation10. Same Shoes

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