Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins


Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins  Unearthing

It has been now over a year since we learned of the collaborative project being piloted between writer Alan Moore (the author of acclaimed graphic novels as “V for Vendetta” and “Watchmen”) which is said to be featuring names like Andrew Broder ( Fog’s soul), Adam Drucker (aka Doseone), Mike Patton or Justin Broadrick (from Godflesh and Jesu, and Kevin Martin’s partner in Techno Animal). Add to this already attractive proposition Stuart Braithwaite ( Mogwai guitarist) and Zach Hill ( Hella’s super drummer, among other duties). These artists have all collaborated on the soundtrack of “Unearthing”, a biopic tinted project that will be available through Lex on a luxury box set. Three vinyl records or two CDs, a Mitch Jenkins photo book and some other collector’s item will make up “Unearthing”, a tasty box set in the shops from 6th July. Those who can’t wait, can pre-order a copy here.

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